Asset & Fund Management

Stratford Capital’s experienced multifamily asset management and fund management teams are comprised of seasoned real estate, Tax Credit and accounting professionals that provide in-house, hands-on oversight for all of our multifamily investments from the time of each property’s acquisition, throughout each property’s holding period and finally, through each property’s eventual disposition. Our investor’s benefit from Stratford Capital’s comprehensive asset management supervision, fund management oversight and proprietary risk management database. The mission of Stratford Capital’s asset management and fund management teams is to (i) ensure investment quality and safety, (ii) establish strong working relationships with local developers/property managers, (iii) protect the financial and physical condition of the investment, (iv) achieve superior investment performance at or above projected levels and (v) provide investors with timely and accurate information regarding their investment.

Stratford Capital’s primary asset management and fund management functions include:

  • Participating in the initial underwriting of all property acquisitions;
  • Monitoring construction and initial lease-up activities;
  • Monitoring Tax Credit compliance and reporting;
  • Monitoring Property operations and review property reporting;
  • Maintaining the internal Stratford Capital CRM based risk management database;
  • Regularly evaluating property risk ratings and reporting to Senior Management;
  • Actively participating, on an as-needed basis, in solving any material problems;
  • Fund level cash management and accounting; and
  • Generating periodic, quarterly and annual reports to investors.

Stratford Capital currently asset manages approximately 22,100 apartment units on behalf of its investor clients.

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I have worked with the principals of the Stratford Capital Group for several years and have invested in a number of their multifamily offerings as an economic joint venture partner, for tax credits and also as a bridge loan participant. They are disciplined, know what the objectives are and detailed from an asset management perspective. Our relationship has been rewarding, and throughout it, they have treated us like partners.
Jon B. Weinberg, Managing Director
Summit Investment Partners